Monday, December 6, 2010

Lost my camera.

My life is packed with events so when it comes to blogging, I grab my camera., download my pics and am quickly reminded of all the fun things we have done lately.
The problem arises, when i loose said camera!! It's like my life hasn't happened. I have no recollection of anything.
That may be a good thing because some of the happenings of the past few weeks are things I want to completely forget,
being told your not welcome at the family Thanksgiving party,
2 trips to the ER
A day spent with another son in surgery
A car breaking down on the day of the record blizzard that didn't happen.
Cars being trapped in the garage by a broken door.

I could go on but I have forgotten.....
Fortunately, there was one event that was worthy of getting out Boyd's "real" camera.
I made pies from scratch!!
Banana cream, was a hit.

The main benefit of making my own pie was that, as good as that crust tasted, I couldn't get over the fact that I had put LARD in it, solid coagulated animal fat!!! I just couldn't eat any but a sliver.

It was also a consensus that none of us actually like roasted turkey and we would much prefer a chicken.
There really are bonuses to having your own family get togethers.

We hung out and vegged until heading to the theater to watch "tangled" cute show.

So there it is, I have no record of The festival of trees, my new haircut, shopping for missionary attire, large amounts of snow or my favorite lunch out with all my scrap friends. They must've not happened.


Marianne said...

I would like you to provide some details about the ER visits and the surgery. Is everyone OK??

And SO sorry about your camera. I think I'd die if I lost mine. :-(

Your pie looks perfect. Congratulations!!!

Natalie said...

Jordan had a motor bike crash, messed up his shoulder, 9snapped his handle bars) These boys had to go big and they also had to go home, and stay there!! He is starting to get movement back. Curt had to have a bunch of sinus stuff done and his tonsils out before he leaves.
Apart from them both being grouchy whiny boy patients, all seems to be moving along.
(The bills are shocking!I am thankful for insurance)