Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thank You Cell Phone

You may be the worst creation of our generation and the route of all evil, according those older people but you have been a lifeline on many occasions. Literally, those calls that got us to a hospital in a hurry or more importantly to transfer money when I just had to have those boots that were beyond my budget.
I have often captured a moment in time with my little camera and so I have to share these latest snaps.

Jordan's Road rash - He had a motocross accident, big jump, came down sideways, snapped his handlebars. Messed up his shoulder but it seems to be improving. He had ALL his safety gear on luckily.
Ridiculous bills coming from ER, make me wonder why I budget at all.

My little Honda Fit, ploughing it's way home after the first big storm.

Some things are just awesome to me still, no matter how many times I see them. The first, fresh, untouched snow and sunshine together.

I thought this Christmas tree was fun.

Finally I got rid of my long mop and feel "Hot" again :)

So I love my little phone and I DO switch it off during movies.