Tuesday, December 21, 2010

He gave his Son

I will never really comprehend what it means, that God "gave his Son" for me but I think I may now understand, just a little more, how hard that was.
This past week, Boyd and I gave our Son, back to the trusting care of his Heavenly Father, as he uses him to be his hands, in serving and teaching the people of Virginia.
Oh it all sounds very dramatic and like someone died but I can't actually imagine feeling any worse than I did, the few days after he left.
With suitcase in hand, he was whisked away in what seemed like a YouTube video waiting to happen.
(I can just see it, the mini van slows slightly , door slides open and suitcase comes flying out, followed by a young man in suit. As he picks him self up of the floor, he hears the door slam shut and sees some arms wave out the windows as they speed off)

And that was that. No phone call, text message, email. Just wait.
Know that he will be safe.
Know that he will be an excellent missionary.
Know that he is prepared as anyone you've ever known.
Know that nothing can explain your feelings.

Then wait for your heart to stop hurting.......
Just wait.........


Julie said...

Oh Natalie, I see those bittersweet tears in your eyes. My heart reaches out to you. My time will come in just a few short years it seems. Sending lots of love your way. :)

Marianne said...

I see them, too. Or maybe that's just my own eyes glistening?

Natalie, I'm so proud of Curt! And of you for letting him go, because it's so FREAKING HARD to watch them walk away.

Truth is, the sting does fade, but the missing is always there. But I've found that there is an amazing joy that comes as you watch your son grow in ways that you could NOT, in spite of your best efforts, help him do. It's really quite incredible.

Hang in there!! TONS of hugs to you, Mom!! You're amazing.