Thursday, December 23, 2010

Baby it's cold outside....

Cold and raining and yet a perfect day to go to Temple Square, or at least half of Utah thought so. Packed!!!!
I absolutely LOVE the light's on Temple Square and since this was the very time and season that Boyd proposed to me, it's only fitting that we go, every year. This year we went inside and saw some of the newer exhibits. I plan to go back after Christmas with my English peeps because there's some pretty cool, newer stuff.
It was amazing how busy everyone was, noisy, visiting, taking pictures and group shots. We sat for some time, just still and looked at the Christus and it was amazing to me, that the noise could disappear in my own head, if I just focused on what we came to see. I think this is a lot like life really, sometimes there's so much noise and goings on, that we don't see what really matters.

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