Monday, December 27, 2010

In case you were wondering,

Yes, Santa-baby did get me a new camera for Christmas (a little early actually) so now my life can continue, documented.
I just need to take a moment to highlight some skills I've generously passed on to my off spring and I'm not talking about my ability to out eat ANY challenger on Christmas day or the noises of aftermath, of out eating everyone, which could rival an entire rugby team or military salute I would guess.
I'm talking, mad crafting skills. Oh it makes my heart flutter, to be presented with this notebook on Christmas eve.

I love to write and have a notebook on me at all times with lists and plans and thoughts and tons of Asha's doodles.
But why so much love?
Well this book was made from scratch!!
She hand picked a ream of paper in my favorite color, had it cut to size then bought chipboard, also cut to size. She chose stickers I'd love, cos who doesn't love a panda rock band? ("look Mum, the guitar dude is holding a pick, can you see it?")
Then proceeded to use my new, yes I didn't know I was getting it yet, "cinch" tool which punches the holes then binds the book with wire.
Tell me that isn't the coolest flippin thing you've ever seen!!!
Then the melt your heart message inside which I get at least an infinities times a day from her, whenever she can find a scrap of paper.

Oh and while I'm on the subject of gift's. I think Santa-baby needs to be Boyd's new title because I'm sure if I handed him a list as long and extravagant as Marilyn Monroe's, he'd do his best to get it for me.
So here's the thing, did you know my husbands a geek?
I understand some of you may not know that because he is somewhat of a closet geek. He doesn't openly rave about the latest gadgets, although trust me, he knows all about them and whether they are worth having. He was also one of the few geeks to not get beat up in high school but I love Geeks!!! We celebrate them in our house, after all they do end up running the companies and keeping us all globally connected. I am one who just expects certain things to work and for him to take care of all things technical so then why the need to share?
Well every once in a while, he just shocks me with his nerdyness and I think, man that's cool. This occured with one of my Christmas pressies. I had mentioned how much I liked my friends new Pumas, she got them to remind her of me :)I instantly began to covet how cute they were and my hunnies techy brain goes into action. He uses some online tool called "google goggles" to zoom in and blow up an image so he can see exactly the style of shoe then proceeds to order them online for me....
Nerdy or what?

Man I love that guy,I think he used the same nerdyness to find the exact watch that Sandra Bullock wore in the blindside and then got it for me back in June.
Love love love me my Santa-baby nerd :)

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