Saturday, January 15, 2011

Game Over.

This past couple of weeks has been like a video game, the good kind where you get to do all different levels and try really hard not to loose a life or in our case get hurt. I had the control paddle, every decision being up to me.
"What shall we do today?"
"Whatever you like"
"What ever I like" hmm.....
Level one, new years eve party~
I made a decision after my first couple of sad, lonely new years eve, that I would always open my home to anyone that wanted to come over. Some years have been huge, some small (this one) but I will always do it. So don't ever be home alone New Years, come and make some noise and mess with us.

Level 2~ We toured Temple Square
I love it here, especially at Christmas time but taking people who are not LDS makes it so much more enlightening. I realize what a great job the church has done to explain what we believe and our history. I especially love the model of the sSalt Lake Temple, with open sides, so you can see each room. Oh and the display of "Book of Mormons" in so many languages, that blows my mind.

Level 3~ A lesson in "curling"
I recommend it for a fun date night. It's so hard!!
(1 life lost, Julia hit her head on the ice)

Level 4~ Downtown tour
We just happened to tour the capitol on the day the Governor was sworn in.

Pause game for a moment.

Level 5- skiing(2 lives lost ;-)

Level 6- Snowmobiling (same 2 lives lost)

And finally
I'm shattered. With all the shopping, oh you know these folks can shop and then the other chores of daily living as well as about 800 miles in my car.... I'm going to sleep for a season.
Wake me up in spring will you, it's blooming freezing here.

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