Friday, January 28, 2011

Scrappy Days :)

Nothing can sooth my soul quite like double sided, acid and lignin free tape runners. (Well at least since I gave up fries and chocolate as a comforter.)
Monthly, I get together with my girls for a late night of giggles and glue and together we create some of the coolest family history you can ever have.
That's your own!

I started scrapping when Curt and Jordan were just perfect little cherubs and I have books that document everything from weddings, births and ordinations to Trips and dogs and Pakistanie London :) The thing they all have in common, they make me smile. Every memory, good or bad is part of my journey and I love taking the time to remember.
(Oh and there's several more of these albums)

This group of ladies, plus a few more not in the picture, are some of the most talented women I know when it comes to crafty stuff.
So if you need to let off steam and want to stick it to something, come join us.
Next month we are cropping for a cure and then March is Scrapbook USA.

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