Sunday, March 6, 2011

Goings on

Since this blog has become somewhat of a digital journal and letter to home, I need to stop all the current goings on for a minute and report on the previous goings on.
I seem to take too long between posts but I get the thrill each time I unload my camera, to bask in the recent and yet already forgotten, memories of yesterday.
February has been and gone in a flash.
The Month of love. The month I actually made some crafty decorations for my mantle to brighten my mood in the dull, cold months of winter. Did I remember a picture? no! but I did take this shot of the pile of stuff waiting to be put away for about 2 weeks after valentines :)

February is also the month of Boyd's birthday and this year he turned the big 4-0.
We both planned many moons ago, since we both turned 40 and celebrate our 15th anniversary in the same year and since we never got a honeymoon(unless you count 2 nights in midway, worrying about your kids, which I don't)that we would take our selves off to Hawaii to celebrate. This being said, I couldn't actually NOT do something for Boyd's birthday and he's not big into gift's (unless they are for me, which I appreciate) so I had to come up with something to do. I was going to throw a party but lets face it, we haven't seen most of the "friends" since the last time we threw a party so I decided this would be something just for him (oh and me;-) something that he would love and that would make his day special.
I woke him at 4:15am, a first for our marriage.
Told him we had a plane to catch and then handed him some lightweight pants and shirt, an obvious sign we were heading to the sun.
Then with one holdall containing beach towels, shades, his kindle and a few other things, we headed to California for the DAY!!!

sunshine, palm trees, a little sushi and ice cream on the beach,

and we were back, sleeping in our own bed by midnight.
February was also a month to celebrate scouting and both Boyd and I received an award from the district. His was a big deal and was awarded for the several times now he has helped start and organize a scout troop into action. It is pretty exciting to see these goofy, armpit farting, 12 year olds, get a guide and a plan and act on it. They turn into fine young men, Eagle Scouts. Heading out on missions and to college, the young leaders of tomorrow, the husbands for our daughters. My award, well I think they are just amazed that someone as poised and debonair as me, can pull off the level of bad jokes that I do and become one with the 8 to ten year olds at pack meetings :)I am also the only winner of the award to be wearing Fleur de leis(scout symbol) , bling and not having 2 inch roots (oops did I really just type that!)

And just so you know, we also do normal things like, go shopping, with boys who don't like to.(My first venture to a mall since my English family left and I was shopped out.) So there's an app for that. Yes they are playing tennis in the shoe section of Nordstrom. Really?

And so another month bites the dust but not before I bite off a huge room make over project. Ronan's.
This is the before, watch this space (It is complete but we haven't revealed it yet, it's a birthday gift so I will as soon as he turns 12, tomorrow!)

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Marianne said...

You took Boyd to California for the day??? That's AMAZING!! What a great idea! (We have a 5-0 coming up in two years and I'm trying to think of a way to get us all to a surprise...can I do it??)

Tell him happy (late) birthday from us! We miss you guys.

And congrats to you both on the scouting awards! That's AWESOME!!