Monday, March 21, 2011


I use my camera as a reminder of events and activities and it seems my camera has been buried for a few weeks but today I wanted to share some pics of my littlest man on his biggest day so far.

Tepanyakis is always a fave for my people since I think they had a internal womb relationship. Ok so I had cravings for their noodles and HAD to go there a lot to take care of that.I was pregnant, it's not like we had a choice.

Then the birthday favorite party for me, the sleep over. It requires, snackage, an ice cream cake after midnight, a bunch of games and ear plugs. Cheap and cheerful.

But this b-day was a biggie for Ronan because he turned 12 and received the Priesthood. Our awesome Bishop, despite having surgery, a reaction to drugs and now blood clots, came over to take part. (and that's why he's the youngest most awesome Bishop I've ever know, pwft... blood biggie, I'll be there)

The only thing missing today was his Big Brother, who he misses terribly but who has got him reading his scriptures and writing regularly.

On that note. Curtis was able to perform his first Baptism yesterday as well as ordaining someone to the Priesthood. He is doing great in the area of Harrisonburg and is so full of joy and spiritual growth. So far so good. I love that boy, I miss his face.

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Marianne said...

It's awesome to see these little boys grow up to be amazing young men. Congratulations, Ronan!!

And it's great to hear that Curt is doing well! Give him our love!