Thursday, January 27, 2011

Boys versus girls.

So after hanging all day, an impromptu sleep over is occuring and I had to giggle at the difference between boys and girls.

Boy- Grabs pajama bottoms but only because mother suggests it, has no intention of moving from bean bag, removing video controls from hand in order to put on said pajama bottoms but smiles anyway 'cos they remind him of his favorite thing, HOT SAUCE.

Girl- Pillow, sleeping bag, pj's and change of clothes for her and all her kids because they cant be home alone, apparently Bob (the leopard) is out on a hot date and cant babysit tonight. Then there's a book, some craft supplies, lego and of course your snow hat because it might be chilly and a microphone?

BUT does she have a toothbrush?
Another couple thousand bucks wasted on braces.......


Marianne said...

That's awesome! This is a great post.

(My word verification is UNHOT. Sigh...)

Boyd said...

This was great! I love those kids.

Nurse Heidi said...

Hey, a girl needs to be prepared for every possible contingency plan!

I discovered, in working at scout camp for four years, that boys extend that same approach to packing for a week long campout. They like to economize and wear the same clothes until they're stiff enough to stand up. Then, you can simply jump in to the lake fully clothed and consider them "washed". Why bother with a whole sack full of clean clothes if they're just going to get dirty anyway?