Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just doing a job.

I have to wonder when we choose a vocation or way of supporting our family if we shouldn't consider weather we will feel good about it. Weather we'll feel we are doing a service or making someones life a little easier. There's the no brainers like doctors or teachers who, most of the time anyway, want to help people. Then there's the less than glam jobs like refuse collection or sewage workers who lets face have a pretty crappy job ! Ha Ha. But let me tell you about a dark and dirty scum of the earth sort that I came in contact with this weekend who claimed to be "doing his Job"

It's Halloween. We were going to have a party and started planning. We lined up a place for our weeuns to go ( thanks Grammy, they had an awesome party)Then low and behold we got not only 1 but 3 invites to other parties and figured since funds were pretty low anyway we'd go to them along with our other friends rather than compete.

We invited a friend to join us. Awesome girl who's husband decided to revert to teenage behavior, thus leaving her kids fatherless, homeless, penniless and getting over swine flu. I hope your feeling bad for her and want to junk punch him, which I always do. Anyway, we invite her and go by her little town home that she's been at for 2 weeks now. We pull up outside and go knock. Her garage is wide open, lights on and she's not quite ready so we step inside and stand around as she finishes her costume. 15 minutes or so later we walk out through the still lit open garage and
I call the cops.
The cars been towed!!!
Apparently, there's no on street parking, there's a small sign that states this on the entry to each road. Also a number to call.
Of course we do, my phone, wallet, ID everything is sitting on the front seat.
My heart is beating as I relive this moment because my car is literally 1/2 a mile away. We drive there to see it's little orange self parked out back of a auto repair yard and a big truck with two fat looser like heavies in, parked across the gate.
I got my self out of the car, I must add I'm in extreme heels, a pencil skirt, my attempt at victoria Beckham, plus 100lb. So I strut over to the truck to see how this works.
Get this.....
$200 cash only.
I'm swearing really badly in my head at this point.
My words to him. Your disgusting! How do you sleep at night?

I can't finish the story....I'm still mad.
$200 for 30 minutes work.
All those years in college wasted.
I hate towing companies and everyone who thinks they are servicing the world by hating people for a living.
Should've had the party.

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