Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Leader of the Pack.

Someone was having a laugh!
I was asked to be the New Cubmaster!
translate: ring leader for a bunch of over excited, armpit farting lads who for the most part could use some hair gel.
I said yes. note to self:I need to work on my "no" skills.
I plan a monthly awards activity based on a theme they have worked during the month in there individual groups and I'm supposed to crack jokes, do goofy cheers and generally appeal to the 8-11 year old boy. Lets face it, since most men's humor generally stays at this level It shouldn't be too challenging for me but there are also adult women present so it's not as easy as it sounds. I also think wearing a puke brown shirt kind of diminishes your game quite a bit.
So we just had our first pack meeting and since we were kicked out of our usual building we had to find another venue.
The theme was "It's a jungle out there" so I'm thinking animals, zoo...
We had it at Cabelas, a massive store for out door things. Hunting, camping, fishing etc. The place is full of stuffed things from deer, elk, moose and bears right down to ducks a zebra and warthog. Poor Pumba met his death in Lehi Utah :(
I have to give them a big shout out, They gave us a conference room for free and 50 tokens for there lazer shooting range. Did I mention they have an aquarium and more guns than I've ever seen? This place is well worth a visit and takes almost as long as a trip to Ikea.
It is also full of men!!
I'm not suggesting it's a place to go on the prowl for a husband though unless your into mullets, camo and your man being gone 40 weekends a year but it's definitely a place men seem to come to share stories of being chased by a bear. I kid you not my neighbor really was confronted with a bear last weekend. Luckily he has taken "shooting innocent, unsuspecting, animals 101" and knew exactly what to do.
(FYI a brown bear, you make a racket and try to scare it whilst showing it the inside of your shotgun and a grizzly, you play dead, you then quickly change your shorts so you can brag about your manly story rather than be made fun of by your friends eternally , in case you ever need to know)
So anywho, whilst at Cabelas, we gave out awards, prizes had a skit and roared somewhat then got to tour all the exhibits and shoot some guns. It was a good time.
Unfortunately I forgot I had spent the morning baking and icing cookies and I know have 7 dozen left over with kids who don't like them,the unfortunate part being, I do

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Marianne said...

Woo hoo! Cubmaster!! You'll be awesome, just like you are at everything else. Those boys are so lucky!!