Friday, October 23, 2009

Scenic Sunday Stroll.

We thought we'd take a stroll up at Snowbird and take in some of the colors of the season.

What were you expecting? colorful leaves blowing and dried ones covering our walk ways? Well we saw that too but this is what is beautiful to me.
Signs of the city, connections to all things loud and lit.
My happy place is well lit, late at night. Noisy long after dark and less than arms length from many other smiling humans.

This picture is kind of funny but very sad at the same time.
Great families are falling apart around me. It is something that has shocked and saddened me to know how delicate our relationships are and how many internal struggles people deal with. Then it cracks so to speak and the beasts come out. I hope I can be of support to those in need but for now....we make jokes with them :)

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