Monday, October 26, 2009

Fag Football.

I accidentally wrote that in my planner instead of "FLAG" football. Ronan has been playing the last couple of months and I love to watch the game. I realized my mistake and thought, their are those out there that think Flag football is for Fag's if you know what I mean. No one smashing into each other, helmets clanking etc but having had a son play "REAL" football I have to say I actually prefer the Flag option.
After dishing out close to $500 for a season, once you've paid for treats and flags and coach gift's etc. I watched my boy run til he was faint. I saw kids throw up and pass out. I saw kids go 48 hours on just jello to make a weight cut, I kid you not. They practice 6 days a week and no family night or holiday was an excuse to miss practice. Saturday games would take about 3 hours plus up to 2 hours travel. The coaches, 5 of them, were committed and hard core, the families were equally as invested, standing out in the freezing, yelling til we were hoarse. Curt regularly complained of pain in his legs or hands, where he thought he'd broken a bone only to get a shrug from me, it's not like you can run to the doctor every other practice.
Did I mention these kids are from 8 to 13 years old? This is not the big leagues.
I loved to watch football and Curt loved to play.
BUT My vote goes to Flag football.
It's as organized and civilized. The coaches, only 2, are kind and having fun with there kids, not yelling at there failings. The parents smile and watch, clap for both teams. Recognize this is a game. Our kids are having FUN and running around.
Plus it's more interesting to watch than soccer!

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The Blackham3 said...

Nat, I cannot believe how grown up he is. Quite the handsome kid. He really looks like Boyd! His hair is awesome. Only your kid would have great hair playing football! Miss ya!