Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's a Joke.

So what do you get when you take 20, 7-8year old kids to a pool for a pool birthday party and some charming child throws up in the pool ?

Drum roll.....
20, 7-8 year old's in a small glass room, in swimsuits, looking at a completely empty pool for the 2 hours they have been left there plus 2 parents wondering what fun activities they can pull out of there butts with no music, prizes or plan!!!

luckily kids are pretty well entertained with cheetos, pizza and some soccer balls.

When the party was due to end and parents arrived, the pool was opened back up and so we had the kids who rode with us go in and swim and most parents let there kids stay too.

It all ends happily ever after...but wait, not yet.
So the room we had scheduled and paid for, for the party was of course booked for 30 minutes after us so I had to now, get EVERYTHING out of there, gifts, food 20 little peoples clothes and towels slung about...
So while I was supposed to be home recovering, I was still running about like a fire hose that'd been let go. The funny part is this though. Ask Asha or any of her buddies if they had a good time and they'll tell you it was the BEST party Ever, except the beginning part.
The Moral here:
1, Always have a plan B
2, possibly a plan C
3, Don't take your freaking sick kids to the pool, MORON!!!

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