Thursday, April 7, 2011

What kind of Rollercoaster?

This weekend, I am heading to Disneyland. This would usually be a woohoo but I am going without my kids and that in itself just feels wrong. I'm the Mum who has taken my kids to Disney World, on a cruise, to England, to Tepanyaki's. So this just feels all kind of wrong but to be honest, and I know there will be rolls of eyes and puleese... comments. I am going to help out a friend. My friend had an accident and had to have a bone removed from her foot. Her family is having some struggles so she planned a trip for her 2 daughters, to bring 2 friends and head to CA for spring break. Now because of the accident she would have to cancel unless someone would go with her. So you see, I'll be pushing a wheelchair around with one of my most highly strung friends (not exactly R & R).
This got me thinking about rollercoaster's and what kind I might be on. I decided splash mountain. You float along and are quickly introduced to the first bumps of life, not too bad. Then before you know it, your climbing, life is all good then
the inevitable crash to the bottom. Ah you breath a sigh of relief, Sit back and enjoy the ride and the music, even though your wet through from your recent crash. You try your best to avoid the thorns and Briar's and I'm sure it's no coincidence there's the odd big butt in the scene (I'm talking about Brair Bear)Then low and behold, another drop and another.... Yep I'm definitely a splash mountain kind of ride.

And that's how I feel today...I just want to get off and dry out in the sun.

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Marianne said...

I'm sorry you'll be going to Disneyland without your kids. I went as a chaperone with the high school choir in February, and it felt WRONG to be there without my little ones. Yes, I cried.

Everyone teased me and said I should enjoy the time off, but I didn't feel that way! Disneyland wasn't as fun without them there. :-(

BUT, you are a HERO for helping out your friend. I hope you have a good time in spite of the circumstances. And when I was there, Splash Mountain was closed for "reimagining," so maybe you won't get wet...

Love you!!!