Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Feeling creative.

Usually my creative moments include glue. Today, I feel this urge for something girlie and since Asha won't humor me with hair bows or flowers for her room, I wondered what feminine flair I could inject into my house without groans from the He's.
I should probably mention, I have never made cup cakes before and frosting has only been with a knife or a tube of the toothpaste like stuff you buy ready made and squeezable. How hard can it be ? Ha Ha.....

Of course I go to google and watch a You tube tutorial, I really do feel blessed by technology. The first video suggests a zip lock bag with the end cut off.

HHmm , not quite the look I wanted, so I cut a bigger hole.

Oh yum, now that looks like the fat powder snow you just want to jump in but still not quite what I see in th stores.

After a bunch of attempts, (yes I scraped it off and tried again) I pulled out the big guns and went to an actual icing bag with pointy tip thing.

Now that's more like it!
Of course I couldn't leave it there, I had all kinds of fun.

The problem, no one will eat my cupcakes!
I guess they'll be decorating my counter until they go moldy or I get visitors, LOL, moldy it is.

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Marianne said...

Take them to your kids' friends! That is what we always do when we have too many treats around!

Although they look delicious and I would help you get rid of them if you didn't live so far away!!