Monday, April 25, 2011

Feeling Blue?

Do you ever wake up with the massive urge to just change something? Like a major hair cut, (oh wait, did that, my next option would be to shave it off) or move house, so you don't have to look at what needs cleaning anymore,(not an option, a nice motor home is worth more than my house these days :( ) So my next thing is to decorate something....anything..... But what?
Kids rooms, done, My room, possibly but where do I get the most impact for the least $$$ ? Accessories in the Family room!!
It seems like I just barely did that.(I checked, spring 2009)

I took out orange and added blue to my lime green. Loved it.

Now I'm finding myself drawn to purple, I mean the dark grape kind of color and no I wont be decorating with grapes any time soon.

So what's your favorite color?
It's funny how kids can answer this off the top of their head but we need options. Well what sort of blue? or on what? I like to wear grey but I like to scrapbook with orange, I love teal but wouldn't wear it and Lime green is an awesome addition to chocolate brown but maybe not for house exteriors (daybreak, just saying)
And my favorite color seems to change with the seasons. I'm such a fashion victim.

Oh well, So is it me, or do you like to change things too? and how often is too often?
Suggestions please.


Julie said...

I love those deep purple vases! Ever since my Donny Osmond days (ha ha) I just adore purple. :)

Marianne said...

Oh Natalie. I'm hopeless. I can't decorate to save my life--I'm happy if I can keep it clean!!

I think everything you do is so classy and sophisticated. And it's your house, so change it all you want. I know it will look amazing.