Friday, April 15, 2011

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Pushing a wheelchair around Disney land is like taking a stroller to a market or Fair. It was regularly tempting to ram people right in the ankles, which I refrained from except the one time it happened on accident when I wasn't driving. It's actually surprising how many times people stop dead in their tracks to maybe contemplate the state of the union, without warning to me, who may have gotten a nice momentous run going. Fortunately my 140lb braking system, called "lean back and pull" worked surprising well but had we been equipped with airbags,they may have deployed on occasion.
As a whole, Disney was very wheel chair accessible and accommodated us with short lines and the odd slow down of a ride, mortifying to my "Cryp" friend.(we decided she was the Cryp, as in cripple, so that made me the Cryp Keeper)But to my buddy, who is pro at doing Disney felt very restricted, not being able to zip around getting fast passes and all other clever tricks I've now learned.

FYI- there was no parade!!!Your joking..... Have you ever.....? Just felt wrong and my friend ,can you believe, has never been to a show there!!! Shocking!

They go to ride rides and the state of my sensitive to motion, stomach knew all about it. I do however, do them all, just have a to take a break between sometimes.
All in all a great trip.The sun was shining,I got in some Relief Society without the casserole and am I ever grateful I don't share a bathroom with 6 girls regularly.

Cruella was awesome, totally rude to people, I want her job!

Getting in my practice for the week.

Still the happiest place on earth, unless your a pin trading addict, then it's possible your worst nightmare. I hadn't heard of pin trading, thankfully, I had to convince myself, several times, that I didn't want to start being one.......not yet anyway ;-)

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Marianne said...

Looks like SO much fun!! Sunshine and friends and Disneyland--I'm so glad you got to go!!