Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding.

I can't imagine how awful it must be to "NOT" have an interest in the Royal wedding and have to be subjected to all this frivolous pomp and media frenzy. It has taken over our TV's and whilst I, for obvious reasons, am thrilled and excited to see all the coverage and live pics from home, I really do feel for anyone wondering why as much energy isn't placed on "real" news.
Anyway, I'm excited. Not so much because they are Royal but more because I love a good wedding and honestly, since leaving England, weddings have been quite a let down. Of course I don't have any family here and Boyd's have followed the traditional Utah theme of, do the best you can on a very tight budget because lets face it, your 20, you have school loans and no place to live and no car of your own and well, you know the story. I have seen some beautiful dresses and cakes and I was lucky enough to go to a wedding at La Caille (The cute bride won the grand prize at the huge bridal expo and it was quite fancy)but the thing I miss is more cultural.

The wedding is planned very far in advanced. They are rare, since most folks have only one or 2 kids and many people choose not to get married these days. (I have 4 cousins, all within a few years of my age, Only 1 of them is married )The wedding is a big deal. Top hats and tails a must, Hats for the Ladies or those new fancy feather clip things but ALWAYS a new outfit. It doesn't matter how tight your budget, you have to have a new outfit for a wedding and then another for the reception. Weddings are strictly invite only and it is required that you RSVP!!! Have you ever heard of such a thing. Children are not welcome unless specifically named on the invite! and only very close friends and relatives will get that invite. This will include the wedding and always a meal after wards. The venue is quickly transformed for the evening and music arrives in the form of a DJ or band. There is always a bar whether you pay or they do and also a buffet of food and treats for the evening guests. This is less formal and requires a different outfit. Sometimes the bride will change into a cocktail version of her dress and there are many more folks invited to this part of the affair. Then, when it comes time for the Bride and groom to leave, they do so, tossing the bouquet and zooming off in there decorated car. This is when the party amps up, Dad takes off his tie that's been choking him, Mum kicks off the heels and we have a right old knees up until the very last guest decides to leave. Sometimes the wee hours of the morning.
Now tell me that doesn't sound awesome.
Weddings are rare but usually well thought about and planned and so, like with Kate And William, by the time you get to them, you are so thrilled for the couple and this truly does look like a fairy tale.

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