Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Have you ever wondered, if wearing a really bad, white wig and dropping a hammer, whilst shouting "ORDER," would cause instant calm to come around you and silence?
I'm sort of having that feeling today and no hammer was necessary.
There's still decorations to take down, let's face it, they could stay until next year without anyone else noticing, the fridge is bare and this beautiful winter sunshine is reminding me that I haven't dusted or... well anything cleaning wise since...ages ago.

Yet all is calm here. No anxiety ridden deadlines, no offices to decorate, weddings to plan, Christmas to prep for. Just a few things on a task list that aren't life or death and a quiet moment with kids in school to reflect on some of the recent merriment.
There was the bachelor party that took place in the back of a truck, coolest thing ever.

Of course, Santa came in very strange attire as per tradition of finding whatever you can around the house.

We had our last Christmas with ALL our kids, unmarried anyway. (Notice how the table is growing)

There was something else?
Oh yes I remember, A WEDDING!!

I'll post more wedding pics when we get the good ones back.
Then we rang in the new year with some of our oldest buds in the U.S. Lauren, Whit and their family.

Along with a little dancing.

and some huge fireworks, I love that they are no longer illegal.

So, I raise my glass to erasing the first 9 months of 2011 and propose a toast...

To You all!
my friends,
and other blog stalkers...
To 2012,
our best year yet!



Marianne said...

Happy New Year, Natalie! I'm glad 2011 ended well--that was a beautiful wedding you guys put together, and I'm just SO happy for Curt. He looked GREAT.

I hope you get a chance now to catch your breath and relax a little bit!!

Anna@Directions Not Included said...

Happy New Year Natalie! I'm glad you found my blog today and I found yours.

Anna@Directions Not Included said...

Hi Natalie! I couldn't respond to your email since your blogger profile is a noreply one. You can definitely try and cut the freezer paper with the Cricut. I had a Cricut first and I want to say that I used it to cut vellum before without issue. The freezer paper has the same feel to it so you should be fine. Freezer paper is cheap too so if you screw up you can always cut out the stencil by hand. Hope that helps!