Monday, January 30, 2012

Made for Monday

Some people go to therapy, some take prozac, others run and I like to glue stuff but lately I have had the desire to progress to a more technical form of glue, also known as sewing. I have considered sewing classes, but most are offered along with making items such as a quilt and I just don't fancy spending hundreds of dollars on something that will look like some amateur made it, namely me and I wouldn't buy a quilt even in it's perfect state. Gasp, I live in Utah, am a home maker and don't like quilts! I'm the one.
My other option was to pay $25 plus supplies, for a class, where I could make a pillow case. HHmm, I just can't get the math to work out on that one, so I am going it alone.

If you have yet to venture into a fabric store by the name of "Material Girls" then keep it that way. This place alone, has caused my need to buy fabric, thus forcing my need to learn to sew, thus causing my need to clear out a cupboard to store fabric which I must now buy, along with all the other fun gadgets that are must have's. I admit I took a little convincing that my new "cutco" knife wasn't going to work as well as the pizza cutter circular thingy but since that point WAS made, I probably need one in every size? as well as the king size cutting mat and ribbon storage? Don't you think?

Can you just see this space, begging to be filled?
Anywho, my first daring project, an IPAD cover.
I figured if it looked all pretty, then I wouldn't have to search for it. Boys don't think floral fabric is cool, at least mine don't.

So I made this last night, whilst listening to Les Mis and wiping snot down my face ( Not quite as bad as when we saw it live in London)

Here it is (images taking completely on manual mode, indoors with no flash for my teacher Heidi :)
I have decided already that sewing isn't the problem as much as , reading the pattern. I need to learn the language. e.g instruction- "sew in the ditch" ??????
Now on to my next project.
I kind of like the idea of "Made for Monday" maybe that'll be a theme.


Julie said...

Way to go! I don't really sew, but there is just something about the patterns and colors of certain fabrics that just pull me in wishing, in a way, that I did. I love this cover. Good job! Can't wait to see what you'll sew next.

Marianne said...

That is great, Nat!! I like the "Made for Monday" theme!!

Nurse Heidi said...

Darling project! It came out great! Plus good job shooting in manual mode :).