Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas is coming.

This has been the most strange lead up to Christmas, what with all the wedding craziness occurring. I mean, I love to spend the few days before Christmas in Mattress stores and sowing the cutest pink flowers but I have definitely felt a lack of Christmas spirit, despite the salt shaker full of bells that I am shaking over my head regularly. True story, cute gift from a friend.
I thought I'd scan over the last few weeks happenings to see if anything Christmasy has occurred and I would say, indeed it has.

The family movie.
I loved this one, very clever. I will be adding to my list of "must watch" Christmas films.

The beloved school concert.
I appreciate this as a way to score parent points for showing up. At around 99 recorders playing "jingle bells", I would say MAJOR parent points. Oh and the 99 is because at least one of them was miming (I taught her that trick)Actually not too bad a performance.

The local Girls Night Out.

My most looked forward too, Christmas lunch with my scrap ladies.

I love these girls, they are my therapy.

Our yearly tradition to see the Tabernacle Choir and Orchestras Christmas special.

These tickets seem harder to get every year but there were tons of empty seats so I highly recommend the standby line if anyone is ever wondering.
Jane Seymour was marvelous, I loved the Christmas story told in a real English accent.

And of course it wouldn't be Christmas in Utah if we hadn't scoured the valley for the best "Griswold" display of lights. I'm drawn to the blue and green but the best award goes to a home just down the road from us, that has a musically , coordinated display which includes the opening sound test, for the dolby digital movie thingy.
Very cool.
So I think maybe Christmas feelings don't come from a store but in fact time spent with friends and family feeling grateful.I know I'm grateful for my Santa baby who has a big tub that he's placed on the very top of our closet and try as I might, I just can't reach the darn thing. That may be the reason for my lack of Christmassy feelings but this morning I grabbed a bag of twiglets and ate a couple of roses (English Christmas necessities) and low and behold, an angel appeared in front of me singing heavenly chords and declaring peace to all men.

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Marianne said...

Thanks for the tip about the standby line...we NEVER go because we can never gets tickets! Might try this next year.

I hope you have a great Christmas, Nat. See you on Tuesday!! :-o