Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend catchup

Catch a ride.

Catch some rays.

Catch some air.

My greatest catch.

Caught on film.

Caught my heart and gave me goose bumps.

Now I've run out of catch ideas but Carrie Underwood was gorgeous and so powerful, I loved her music and bought her CD on the way home at about 1am, "up to the wal-mart"

My very favorite part of the show was watching 260 young men receive their Eagle Scout award, the largest Eagle Court of honor ever, knowing my Jordan just earned the highest rank a boy scout can earn also. It is tradition for all Eagle scouts in the room to join then in the Eagles nest and on this occasion they asked all eagles in the stadium to stand and hold up the Eagle award. I was proud Mumma and there were thousands...

A great 4th of July to celebrate freedom, liberty and justice for all.


The Blackham3 said...

It was one of my fave 4th's ever! We must have been sitting just above you at the stadium... I bet we were just a few rows above. Portal P like thirty rows from the ground! Looks like you had a great time. Family looks great!

Marianne said...

That looks like a very fun weekend!! My pilot brother was here for the week, and he heard those planes coming a full minute before anyone else!! Amazing.

Loved your "catch" theme!!

Lagucon diseño said...

El lugar donde hacer los sueños posible.