Friday, July 30, 2010

Bragging Rights

It's not uncommon as I drive around that I notice the little vinyl decals on the back of people's vehicles that show pride in a achievement. I see the "Parent of Honor Student" or "I love my Eagle Scout". I see various team names and numbers and I smile. I see the parents with a row of kids and a dog and I smile.
Recently I have noticed the weird little "ragnar" logo and wondered what the heck is that? I see it all around. Now I know what it is, it makes me smile. I see the 13.1 and the 26.2 and again I smile.

The thing is, I didn't used to. I considered it bragging!! I mean I'm not likely to put a "my kids not on ANY team" sticker on my car or a "sat and watched TV for 6 hours straight" decal am I. Our church has started doing a good news minute where they ask, is there any good news? you get the "my son got a mission call" big news or a funny " I'm caught up on my laundry" happy news but I always felt that what might be my good news, could actually make someone else feel bad about their situation. So I tended to not say much.

I have changed my thinking in this. I am so grateful for all the good things that happen in my life that I should be able to share them and show that gratitude. My true friends are happy for me and my achievements. I would LOVE to celebrate your achievements.
I smile when I see those decals because now I understand more fully what it means to run a half or full marathon for that matter. Six months ago I wanted to die running one mile so 26.2 is a BIG DEAL!!
Ragnar? Well ask someone with a sticker and I know you would be proud of them and wish you had it in you to EARN that sticker.

For me today, what would my stickers be?
2 parents, 4 kids and 2 dogs (I consider 2 parents, a big deal)
17.4 (I have worked so hard to be healthy and the bodpod measured me to have 17.4% bodyfat, a big deal)
My Puma (speed agility, black beauty, all goals of mine. Oh and I have 15 pairs of pumas, a big deal:)
Maybe a national Honor society sticker with an Eagle scout sticker over the top.

So I say, celebrate and show gratitude for the things you work hard for. Be motivational to others. This is where we find happiness and Joy. Someone will always feel bad when reminded of their own, hard situation but how we feel is always a choice we make and is not in our circle of control. We can only control our own feelings.

I choose to be happy.


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