Monday, July 26, 2010

Book Club

This is a gathering of friends I have met through the Transformation website and book. We are all in this together, making positive changes and supporting each others desire to be more happy and healthy.
We had a pot luck style taste test, where we shared some of our favorite, healthy recipes.

These yummy cheese cakes taste as good as they look, totally low fat and containing protein. Who knew that was possible!!
Danielle has lost 50lb so far and is so bright and happy. Now her husband is joining in and this program is helping him deal with some PTSD. :)
We just chat, support one another and share some of our struggles, our plans and our achievements.
It is a great feeling to be around a positive, energetic group. I just love it.
Your ALL invited to the next one :)

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Kara said...

Nat, It's Kara. Loved seeing you tonight at the theatre. You look amazing. I'm interested but want to know the catch. Is there one? Is this going to cost me a ton. You give me hope. Email me if you can...I want to hear more. It's Thanks girl.