Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Science fair

Asha's class of 7 & 8 year olds, had a little science fair.
Being my child, she was more interested in a craft project than science but she did decide she wanted to blow up a volcano and since I am the queen of paper mache, thank you blue peter, I figured she could try some different items that would fizz up and we'd go from there.
Thanks to google, how did we ever learn anything pre web days? I discovered that, mentos would explode a coke bottle and so she built her volcano around one and painted it. She also made a big display board, complete with blue sky, (not sure where she got the idea a sky is blue, we have only seen white clouds lately) and also a dinosaur. Thanks to Disney, my daughter thinks that every volcano has dinosaurs living in the midst.
She first tried to blow up cups but the liquid ahd to be in a bottle.

Anyway, she did great and loved it. She had a huge smile as she demoed her findings.
I actually learned allot that day
1) Parents need to back off and let the kids do the work, it was sad to see the obvious parent projects and then as the kids couldn't even tell you what they did they got all sad and embarrassed.
2) Parents create unnecessary stress and work for themselves.
3) the messier and smellier the better.
4) Parents can be disrespectful, as they chat and let their kids run riot around the room while a child is trying to talk about their work. Just saying.
5) you need large amounts of mentos as kids will help themselves as they walk by :)
6) 20oz soda is more expensive than 2 litre.

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ClistyB said...

I really like to see the student made display boards. My blood boils when the parents turn in the powerpoint presentations because then the kids who actually did the assignment correctly (on their own) start to feel inferior.