Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mind the Gap.

It seems there's been a lull in my blog entries of late.
Does this mean nothing has happened around here?
Quite the contrary, wow that sounded all English, must be the book I'm reading which requires my best proper English accent for it to make sense.
So the truth is, tons has happened and I'm afraid some of it is the news you just don't want to think about let alone blog about. CHANGE.
The awesome son I've bragged allot about lately went and got a tattoo this summer GASP!! It's his last name, not very big and on his back. I haven't actually seen it on principle since I begged him to wait but one of the benefits of having divorced parents means one is the loving, caring disciplinarian who watches out for you, out of love and the other can be an irresponsible !@#$%^&**() who lets you do whatever you choose weather it's illegal or immoral, heck he'll even encourage it, get it and pay for it for you. So yes despite a conversation with he who's last name is now permanently on my sons back, they went ahead and got the tattoo.
This wonderful decision has changed the course of Jordan's life drastically since he was kicked out of his school. Oh I know, even BYU students have tat's but there administration also have principles that don't dishonor someone for a personal choice affecting no one but themselves.

Sooooo the National honor society, student government, is no more. He is back at Riverton, texting all day and making paper airplanes in a class called "tech lab" I kid you not!! Fortunately his 2 years in a school that teaches at High school level instead of the governments "no kid left behind "level has taught Jordan that this is a waste of time and he's gone and figured out he can graduate by January with 4 college classes under his belt.

TRUST ME this whole thing has been ugly and very expensive and is not over yet. My 2 littluns are still at the school which does have wonderful teachers and has served my kids well.

On top of this turmoil, our ward split. Translate for my non LDS friends, we had too many people attending church so they split the group into 2 and we start from scratch filling in all the responsibilities.

This is hard because it's the 5th time in 4 years I have done this and each time it takes forever to get acquainted with your new roles and people. I have been serving for 2 years with the women s group, looking out for 200+ ladies, organizing lessons, music, activities and just like that your done with no thanks. Likewise my kids have gained trust with there mentors and now have a whole new group of young bucks who need to learn the ropes.

So I'm feeling a bit up in the air.

On the good news side I am happy to report my surgery went well and I am back at the gym, although with a little restriction.

The weather has taken a turn and it seems Autumn is on the horizon. Time to dig out the woolies and start eating soup.
Unfortunately this weather messes with the new boat sitting outside but we new that. The drawback of buying end of season means you have to stare lovingly at your new toy all winter.

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Marianne said...

Sigh. These boys...You love them and want to strangle them all at the same time! I feel your pain, though. Boy, do I feel your pain!!

But I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better, and hooray for the new boat!! You're going to LOVE IT!! (It's a great way to get the kids captive for a little family time--and they can't leave you while you're all out in the middle of the lake!)

Good luck with it all, Nat. Hang in there!! Love you!!!