Thursday, August 20, 2009

Almost an Eagle.

They say to watch the quiet ones. I'm here to tell you, there are those who live large and in charge and those who quietly play in the back ground. If you watch this quiet one, you'll see all kinds of achievements.
The latest venture that just needs some paperwork was Jordan's Eagle Scout project.

A group in our neighborhood are going on a humanitarian aid trip to Peru to help vitims of a 2007 earthquake. Jordan was in charge of collecting things to send, such as eyeglasses, small toys, electronics and scrapbooking supplies. Apparently there are ladies who make and sell cards.
I was surprised at how many women were willing to give up ALL there scrap stuff in lou of digital a sad moment for me to hear :) but I'm happy at there generosity.
He did not collect as much as he'd hoped and I understand difficult times are with us but I learned a moto as a young single Mum with barely enough food " share what you have with others, and you'll always have enough to go around" I know that is true so I urge you to help where it is needed and promise you will feel the love if it's ever your turn in need.

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