Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Outdoor Project.

We are very aware of the fact that we live in a dessert and despite many years of effort, we have come to accept that we suck at growing grass.
So we decided that little by little we would get rid of our back yard grass :)
I was in fear of living the next 10 years in a state of construction and so we agreed to do this in phases.
We started out shutting off 1/3 of our sprinklers, removed grass and built planter boxes for vegetables and herbs. It was important to me that it looked good even without vegetation since it would be a miracle if we could grow anything.
A few fruit trees were planted and then the work began.
HOBBS Dug up all our trees about 3 times, we have replaced them all. Our veg garden now has a little fence around it and our dog is only allowed within 10 feet thanks to a zapping collar. After waiting a couple of months to complete the pathways, it is 100 degrees outside after all, I was seeing the end of the road.

Then one sunny morning I woke to this!!!

Jordan who couldn't sleep the night before, decided to load all the bark onto the weed blocking fabric and voila!! and almost finished 1st phase of our going green by getting rid of green project.


Marianne said...

WOW!! That is GORGEOUS!! Did you have someone design it for you, or did you do it yourself?

It looks really nice, Nat!!

(Good job, Jordan!)

Natalie said...

I designed it and Boyd and I worked together on it. Now I just have to try and grow something :)

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Your kid is awesome!