Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grooming your Dude.

When ever people ask me what kind of dog I have, I cringe.
What the heck kind of name is Golden Doodle, so GAY!!
Hobbs is considered a Hybrid, man made. I think we used to call them mutts or cross's or some English word I can't remember. Goodness gracious I'm loosing it.
Anyway, Hybrid suggests he's environmentally friendly or runs on low fuel which of course he doesn't. He has happily chewed everything his environment has to offer including lately, the electrical hook up on the trailer, the extension cord and Summers heating pad cable which she'll be needing soon, (Brrr, does anyone else think it's cold today?)
So the Golden is, as in Golden Retriever, nice temperament but sheds badly, no good for allergies or clean freak type people. Doodle as in poodle, Non shedding but a bit snotty character wise. Mix them together and you get a Hybrid you can charge too much for :)
MONGREL!!! I remembered the word, I am still English.

So we love how Hobbs is all shaggy and furry and last time we took him to the groomer they shaved him and he looked naked and more like a poodle than anything. I was personally traumatized and so after some research was told a hand cut was the way to go.
HA HA, that is like trimming 10 toddlers hair in the same chair with large teeth and a paw that could knock you out.
Anyway, I took a chance and found a wonderful place although the girl did chew me out for not brushing him good enough. I have one of those metal claw type brushes that look viscous but apparently your meant to comb right to the roots with a metal comb like when a kid has knits, EVERYDAY!!!

Well $130 (I'm not joking) My guy looks all handsome. He may have to deal with his nakedness next time although Dog therapy could cost more money :) And it is his birthday this week.

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