Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Super Women Series

I have read a lot of articles lately that I expect were created to help us feel better about our short comings as women , wives or mothers. They make fun of things like, getting a healthy dinner on the table every night, hand making gifts or having a clean home, suggesting that if we do all the things required of us, we don't have a life and might just drop dead but I am here to proclaim, that this is not true and many women I know are going beyond the call of duty every single day. We just need to recognize that what we do do is an achievement. Some of the very most basic things can have lasting effect on those around us and make us feel quite accomplished. I personally know so many super women, who's daily behaviors inspire me to do better (they are all living in disguise, as regular ladies and they too have total meltdowns and days of despair)but I thought it might be fun to highlight some of those who had mean't a lot to me in my life. The thing is, we can learn a little from each of them, after all we are here to learn and improve ourselves. My Longest Friend My first Super woman is my longest friend. She moved in next door to me when she was 2 and I was 3 years old. We were besties, both little tom boys and inseparable, that was until her parents divorced and she went off to live with her Dad, sad day but her Mum chose the new boyfriend over kids. I would visit when I could, taking a bus the long hour ride. She grew up with 2 older brothers and a Dad who had to work around the clock so she was playing Mum at a very young age. Most domestic duties fell to her and at age 16 (When we finish high school in England) She was working full time. It was with her that I had my first, life changing experience. We were aged 17/18 and I was staying with her for a week whilst I did a work experience in a fancy health club. We were walking back to her home and less than half a mile away, just around the block when She was jumped from behind. A man with a stocking on his head, held a knife to her throat and told told me to do exactly as he said or she would be seriously hurt. This is where I found out if I was a fight or flight kind of girl. I went nuts, screaming and shouting and waving my arms, trying to flag down a car as he backed her towards some bushes. She was frozen but I wasn't going anywhere. Fortunately my crazy was a bit much for him as he threw her to the ground and ran off in the bushes, I don't know if I carried her limp body or dragged her but I got her home in record time and called the police. He was never found but I learned a lot from that experience, mostly "YES, It CAN happen to you" Sadly her Dad died quite young and I'm sure she dealt with some emotional baggage from all that went on in her youth but you would never know it. She has a cheerful countenance and always a kind word to say on a Facebook Post or similar. She is now 40 years old, has been married going on 20 years with two daughters. She worked the past several years in school, the hours work better than her corporate job. She has recently gone back to college to pursue a further education. Sometimes we have a rough hand dealt us but taking charge of our own destiny and working to achieve our dreams at any age is quite brave. I would say she is a real life super woman, dressed in regular woman clothes. I am excited to share my next superwoman with you.

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