Friday, December 14, 2012

Super Woman series part 3 for 3

Today I am talking about the Super Single Mum. I figured it would take forever if I listed ALL the super women I know and these 3 ladies have that in common. My first super single Mum friend was made so, after finding a cheating husband when she was pregnant with there second son!! Yes those scummy men do exist. Despite him and not a penny in child support, she raised her 2 boys to be fine young men now 20 and almost 23. One is away at University and the other about to be married. She is one of those gals who knows all about you and still loves you. The kind where you don't talk for a whole year and then it's like you are hanging out on the couch with a blanket. We were each others spouse in the days when I too was a single Mum, watching each others kids so the other could work and generally being a support. There were nights when I was so devastatingly lonely that I'd scoop my sleeping babies up in a quilt, throw them in the car and head to my friends. She'd open the door and without a word I would plop down in front of her TV with a boy under each arm pit snoozing and an hour or so later I would leave. She understood without words, why I was there. When I met Boyd and moved to the US I was most worried about my friend but she was over joyed for me and cheered me all the way. She spent the next 10 years alone but then met a man and is now married and happy.She is a caretaker to his adult kids and anyone else who needs it, she is really one of those friends who would literally give you here last grain of rice, I have seen it with my own eyes and through some very personal, sacred times I have seen Christs hands in hers. My second single Mum friend, isn't actually single at all but has a husband who works 12 hour shifts at strange times and often sleeps when they are awake. He also has some hobbies that take him away for hours on end and I admire this woman for various reasons. Being single, you at least get a little offer of support but if your not, only you are, you really really are on your own. I will say little more about her except that in my eyes she also is a super woman. She is bubbly, happy and creative with unwavering faith. She has 4 very successful kids, all involved and productive and who have had to really learn how to help out at home. My final single Mum friend has only become so officially after 20 plus years of marriage in which she was pretty much single. I admire her for so many reasons, she is a true super woman. She owns and runs a very successful business whilst being the hands on parent that is at every game, meet or performance. Her kids are over achievers and that is because of her. They are national level ranked in various things, traveling the country to compete. She has had to go back to school and get a degree for her work as well as all her other duties. The thing I like most about her is how fun she is, always planning a party or night out. She is a huge Disney fan and goes 2 or 3 times a year. I just love being around her. The reason I wanted to share about these super women is not to make anyone feel bad about themselves but they all have something in common.... They Like ME!!! It's funny that sometimes we get down and feeling like we don't have friends and then I realize, the ones I do have are amazing and like me for me. They do not have requirements or expectations of me or are jealous or intimidated. They don't need me to dress or act a certain way to fit with them. They have melt downs and crazy days and accept that I do too. We can go long periods without talking but when we do, we have a genuine interest and love for each other. They like me I think because they like themselves and because they can really have a good swear at me without me being shocked :-) I have learned a lot from the super women in my life, My list of them goes on and on. I aspire to be better because of them so I continue to surround my self with people who lift me up but mostly I find being around people who like themselves is just a great place to be. It makes it so I am able to reach out a hand and do the lifting for someone, not doing so well. I encourage you to see these super women as I do and instead of feeling bad about shortcomings , feel great that there are role models who can lead and guide us in areas we wish to improve. I mean I could also list all the areas these ladies suck ;-) lol but I choose to focus on the positive.

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Marianne said...

These are GREAT posts, Natalie!!! I love your perspective, and I really admire the way you have described these amazing women. Thanks for sharing!!