Thursday, July 5, 2012

Perfect Day.

Holidays around here are usually planned at about 4 hours notice and most often include movies. We have never been huge planners. It makes it easy to have a good time, knowing you might have just done nothing at all, which also happens on occasion and nobody seems to care much about that either. The 4th is obviously a holiday I didn't grow up enjoying although I think the Brits should have another day off to maybe celebrate getting rid of Americans saying "I love your accent" :-) Just kidding. Boyd got out of work early Tuesday and so we had an impromptu hike up to Bridal Veil falls. I love that we can be so close to such beauty just minutes off the main road.
There is just something spectacular about being this close to a rushing, natural waterfall. It's a quick easy hike although I wouldn't be thrilled with a little tike running along as there are some decent drop offs and loose rocks. After moving from Provo in 2004 we hadn't seen much of the Freedom festival and since our 2 older boys had gotten to the age where they were happy to never see another parade and we didn't feel the need to sit through another country music concert aka stadium of fire, we had skipped such traditions for our own things. Last year a sudden fact dawned on me. My younger two kids had never seen a real parade and had no idea who Chuckee Cheese is. I know, I am a negligent parent. We fixed that last year and I have forked out for the Stadium tickets twice. (Am I the only person alive who didn't know who Brad Paisley is? and I hope my kids never know who chuckee cheese is.) Anywho, on to this years fun. It started early, as we have to trek from the deep, darks of Salt Lake County and it takes a bit of effort, to break through the veil of righteousness at the point but we made it in good time and watched the balloons.
They lift off one by one and then we and the masses, all stand around, hoping they'll come back. We headed on to the parade route to get a great spot. I was amazed last year on finding a spot on the curbside, that people just plonk right in front of you up to 10 feet in and so this year, with our new, experienced Provo Parader status, we sat right out on the line and had a great view.
There's always a great variety in the procession and I love it, the horses, the bands, the royalty and the pooper scoopers but I was a little stunned that the BYU Football truck, yes their vehicle, not one of the team present, got greater cheers and standing crowds, than the WW2 veterans and firemen. HHmm.. it was no surprise then that the U of U float go boos, really people? I know I have personally benefited from some medical care there and I understand I am in Provo but boos? .
We spent the next few hours at sevenpeaks. Being wet is just about the only way to survive the 100 degree outdoors.
Can you guess who held the camera today? We then headed home for a healthy grilled meal. Boyd's favorite, Santa Maria Tri- Tip with grilled veg and fruit.
Our final planned event, was to hike the Y by twilight and watch the valley fireworks for free but over excited superhero fans in my house convinced the majority (that would be everyone except me and I get 3 votes since I'm the Mum, still lost) that we had to see Spiderman, right this minute. So we piled in the car and that was what occurred and we were able to catch a few fireworks on the tail end of the night, from a great parking spot, on the hill outside the Oquirh Mountain Temple.
Looking across the valley, we could still see the latest alpine fire burning and Herriman was quite void of any skylights, thankfully. But certainly more than ever, this year I feel gratitude for all those who serve tirelessly so I can spend the day, completely care free with those I love.
A perfect day really.


Marianne said...

Looks like a fun family day. Good for you for giving your younger kids great experiences, too...I'm getting tired and I forget that the littler ones haven't had all the fun the older ones had! (Maybe that's not always a bad thing, though...)

Northern Style Exposure said...

Great photos!