Thursday, July 26, 2012


In my early 30's, I was full of energy and extreme optimism towards spontaneous DIY projects. There's the time I decided after returning from Thanksgiving dinner, that our master bedroom needed painting. Thankfully, the people at home depot, felt their employees family time was less important than the possibility of a crazy like me doing a project and so I was able to buy paint. We prepped, taped, primed and painted and had our room back together in time to go to bed, a little late but the same day (a true story)
Or the time I decide yet again on a bedroom redo, only to decide the same day, that I didn't like it and a re- re-do a day later.
(Blue tape still on the wall) It seems, as the next few years rolled on, my brain kicked in somewhere and started showing me the bigger picture. These projects became overwhelming. Effort required plus costs, meant I just didn't start many projects at all. You can imagine my excitement, when Monday, after a busy day of nothing much doing, when throwing a dirty towel in the dark, crowded, brown, laundry room, I got this.... URGE to fix it!! The laundry room was top of my list of my requirements for my house. No more basement dungeon, I wanted bright and spacious and if pinterest had been around then, I might have felt a chandelier was necessary to clean clothes. Everyone knows, whites are whiter with a chandelier and a cute phrase, appliqued on the wall. Anyway, thanks to pantry changes and ducts being moved etc, I was left with a huge wall in my laundry room and my monster machines wouldn't even fit side by side, so I am left with this.
and it has been a negative space ever since. My organizing skills have made it very functional but just not nice to look at, so I got busy with some leftover paint I had from the homeschool/loft area and voila.....
I'm still on the lookout for a mirror to go above the hampers(trash bins) just for a feeling of space and I plan on making a beaded chandelier to hang from the fluorescent light fixture (maybe in the next life)I may even cut some vinyl words for my sorting sake. I did save one part of the old room.
Our precious "Height Chart" (again, created before a human sized ruler, made from old palettes, was necessary to keep track of growing kids). So, anyone else, to tired for DIY? I wish I wasn't, I LOVE the results.

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Marianne said...

I have ALWAYS admired (and coveted) your energy and ability to make things look so nice. Once again, your mad skills do you credit!!

Looks GREAT!