Saturday, July 28, 2012

Go on you Britain

Every once in a while, I am reminded that I am in fact a foreigner.
Last nights, Olympic opening ceremony in London, had me in tears within seconds as the beautiful imagery of a home of rolling hills, a village fete, maypole dancing (in P.E.)and of course the Hymn "Jerusalem" which is maybe the most, if not only, hymn known by most Brits. The music of my generations, the little red brick "basset" home and the NHS hospital beds, where I had 2 babies drug free! I loved it all. I of course posted my support for my team on Facebook, whom I know will fight for medals and not even come close to the great USA where I now reside but an immediate response, suggested that I should maybe be cheering for team USA!! If there was ever a time to cheer for your home land, it is during the Olympics and anyone who has ever emigrated knows that. It's not about politics, money, fame or gratitude for the country you reside in but about heart, work, determination and some form of spirit that lifts a person to be a light to those who watch. This is perfectly represented by Gual Marial, who won his right to compete in the Marathon with just 11 hours to spare. He also resides in the USA as a refugee from South Sudan, A country that took the lives of all his family members. He runs as and Olympian, an independent. He represents that which the Olympics is all about. A desire to rise above and be a part of something greater. So I don my Official team jersey and eat my bangers and chips and cheer loudly for all Olympians but hope, so much, that the underdogs get to see some hardware.

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Marianne said...

Oh, Natalie. I was in tears, too, and I'm not even FROM England! I thought it was a beautiful ceremony, and I wholeheartedly agree with your comment about cheering for the success of the athletes, and not just American athletes.

I thought of you all evening, wondering if your homesickness was too unbearable!!