Thursday, November 17, 2011

Don't you dare!!!

Have you ever been walking through the mall with your head down and collar up, so as to avoid those people who want to point out how dry and scaly your hands are and how their magic lotion will make it all go away? Bunch of baloney! This is Utah in winter, I have scales within an hour of lotion.

Anyway on my recent trip in which I have to say I've gotten very good at "no thank you", with a smile, I got a....
"Mamm".....Who me?
"could I interest you in our Green tea weight loss.....blah blah?"
OH NO YOU DIDN'T JUST CALL ME FAT!!!!!! (She did, didn't she?)

So off I wandered, after my "no thank you" with a smile, pondering why this stick insect might think I would need her potion.
Sure I had added 20lbs to my awesome rocking "last years" body but it's been a rough year and there was a trip to England with every kind of yummy treat available that I HAD to have. (Including faggots which my kids now request and for some reason we can't buy in the U.S.)
Besides doesn't she know I don't drink tea?

Anyway, happy to report. I have lost 9lb in 3 weeks on the "stop eating crap" diet.
Yep, the same old rules still work.

I petition we ban people selling lotions, expensive curling tools and green tea as well as those darn helicopters that are so cool but break within a day of getting them. It actually puts me off my enjoyment of window shopping the mall.


Cindy said...

I know right then those jerks leave you with just one shiny nail and your like pbhhh now I have to go home and do the dishes so my hands look normal again

Marianne said...

NATALIE!!!! I got a wedding announcement in the mail!

Congratulations to Curt! Will you give him a great big hug from all of us?? And you're going to be a MOTHER IN LAW. She's a lucky girl.

Can't wait to see you at the celebration!!