Thursday, July 21, 2011

Get Crafty

Nothing can take me away from the real world, as quick as a good glue session and no I haven't taken up sniffing it.

Boyd, Ronan and Curt are off at scout camp and Jordan is...well "out" as he puts it, most of the time. So Asha and I have to fill our long, lazy days, doing something.

Thankfully, I was invited to ANOTHER two baby showers, so I figured I'd make something but since there is rarely enough notice to get detailed, I settled for this. 4 cupcakes in a cake box.

The cup cakes are made from baby socks and burp clothes, wrapped in a coffee filter and ribbon. Then I added 15 "thank You" cards because we all know the onslaught of casseroles about to appear and they require a note of thanks.

Wowing people, is in the wrapping, not the price tag and I have learned a lot from other blogs and pinterest on this stuff.
So, I'm at the shower and one girl had her little cutie with her. She was turning one and it jogged my memory, I actually knitted her a little cardi. Yes I said knitted! the thing is, I never gave it to her because I was embarrassed. It was a bit wonky. I told her about it and became the brunt of a few good jokes.
Anyway, I got home dug out the cardi, then proceeded to make some boot socks for the now, one year old as redemption and figured, she can pass the cardi along as a joke, at the next shower.

Now I have Asha in line for the next pair of socks. They are pretty cute.

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