Friday, July 22, 2011

Choose to be happy.

I was reading an article today that explained how every feeling is a choice and we could choose to be happy or not. Hhmm, try telling that to someone in a dark state of depression, "hey, misery guts, stop choosing to feel that way..." I was skeptical that this article was written by one of those chipper, perfect people who wears home made vintage flowers in their hair at the gym (yes I have seen this) who's kids do no wrong and who has a brightly colorful sofa and white rugs but I read on.
It actually gave some practical advice on things you could do to help your moods and one of those things, was to identify that which makes you happy and do more of that.
I can do that.
I got thinking: eating chocolate, visiting England, glueing things, being pampered, shopping, girlie trips and high heels, some of the things I thought of, I couldn't share..
My list went on but most required, money, other people, me leaving home forever or some serious weight gain. Until...
I thought, a clean house makes me happy. I didn't say I love to clean and lately, since most of what I do, is undone and unnoticed, cleaning hasn't been high on my list of priorities. Still, I put on my high heels and set too.
What do you know, whilst mopping my wood floor, I heard the ping of another load of laundry and as I'm changing it over to dry, I find myself with happy thoughts of how blessed I am to have such an awesome washing machine!!!!!!! Shut the FRONT DOOR!!!!
I was feeling happy and I haven't even dented my list yet.
It's true, people.
What makes you happy?I insist you do it now, unless it involves Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling (loved him since the notebook)or Matthew (no surname required or... DB( full name, undisclosed to protect my hubby;-)


Julie said...

This makes so much sense. I need to do exactly this--sit down and remind myself what makes me happy then actually DO it. You know, this was just what I needed to hear this week, right? Thanks!

Nurse Heidi said...

Running. Riding. A good workout with good friends. It literally makes my day to get a good workout in, and it's worth losing sleep for it. My family has finally realized that if they want a happy mom, it's in their best interest to make sure I get my dose of endorphins.

It also makes me happy to do things for other people. The housework can wait :).

Boyd said...

what about Bentley?

Alonna said...

I did not have to read that article . That is what i discovered a long time ago. For me , I believed Marriage is forever, & so I have stayed in this mentally abusive relationship. Tried eating Fannie May candies, not Decided to find what makes me happy & do it more. It has not created Paradise, for sure; but, it has kept me from "going off the deep end". Neither he nor his words define me..Thank God for friends, family, etc.Scrapbooking, doing service for others. Takes my mind off my own 'garbage'.I drive people to their places, Dr. appts, P.T. appts, shop for them etc.Ppl in my Ward (neighborhood) know they can expect help.It's all good.I continue to pray for Curtis. Am concerned for him. I realize it is none of my business, & u can tell me to 'buz off' if u wish. I will understand...
Hope u r all ok...