Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby turns 9 :(

I keep telling my kids they aren't allowed to grow any bigger but just like when I tell them to clean up there room or go to bed, they just don't listen to me.
I asked Asha how come she listened to Dad and not me and she said "cos he gives us punishments" Boyd's not a mean guy in case you were wondering but apparently his method of motivation is a little better than mine so guess what.....
Next time Asha grows an inch or a year older, she's in big trouble!!!!

We stop the traditional "party" at age 8 since it ends up being a riot of kids we don't know or even like a whole lot (oops did I just say that)in fear of leaving someone out.
We do the "take a special friend somewhere special" option and Asha chose .....drum roll.....Build a bear. Of course she did, she has gone there on her birthday every year since she was born. Lily and Tanner are her besties right now although she does have a couple of buds at school that she adores (little miss social. It was good time and we had to finish with sees suckers (um um good)

This girl is just a mini me, what can I say. messy, creative, social, loves to eat, boy am I in for teenage trouble.


Tycksen Family said...

I can't believe she is 9. She is a beauty. And I am sure she is loving and kind just like her mom too. :) I am so glad you have her. :) Love you Nat!

Marianne said...

She's 9??!! Seriously? Man, time flies!! Looks like a wonderful party, and a wonderful girl! (LOVE the art gallery!!)