Monday, April 13, 2009

weekend warriors.

We live in a desert yet we all try, oh how we try to grow grass! We aerate and power rake, we weed treat and fertilize, we water, we water and we water and if we are lucky and the Gods of green grass look down upon us, we just might have a patch of crispy, uncomfortable to the bare foot, but green looking ground cover that we try to pass off as grass.
I think every visitor from England has been fascinated by the sprinklers :)
So we decided that we want as little grass as our home owners association will allow and we decided that this mammoth project was something we could do. Admittedly I watch HGTV allot and wonder why we can't possibly do it in a weekend but nevertheless, I let my hair down and threw away my bra ( remember ground force :) and off we went.
This is Utah, so we start the day with brilliant sunshine and end with snow, sun, rain, hot and cold, we worked solid, minus the 8 trips to home depot, mandatory for any major project and this is how we did.

The sod cutter was easy and quick to use.

The teenagers were easy and quick to...wait I mean they were very willing and got the job done. They loaded and took the sod to the dump and two loads and $50 later (can you believe it costs that much to drop off sod? it's almost as much as it cost to buy it, I really am a sucker) we had our blank canvas to work with.

Nothing like a power tool to get a man in the mood for a job, this block cutter was great but would only cut 3 inches deep so every cut had to be flipped and cut on the backside.

Yes that is me looking rough! I built the box :)Just like scrapbooking, you measure, mark the cut, send it to the machine (Boyd) and put it in place. 56 cuts!!! ask me how many blocks we I know,I know, like I said, think scrapping in gloves with really bad hair.

We had another special helper all day! Hobbs discovered sprinklers, yummy pencils and digging.

And FYI the fabulous block box is our raised, 4x4, square foot garden. More to follow.


Nurse Heidi said...

I'm thinking you could have put your sod up on Craigslist for free and it would have been gone in a matter of hours. One man's trash is another man's treasure, after all.

I'd love to have a small box garden like that. I got over ruled. Bummer, especially because I'm the chief yard work girl these days.

:) said...

allot is spelled a lot