Monday, April 6, 2009

Much Kudos.

Anyone with teenagers knows that the "how are the boys doing?" question can cause palpitations as we mull over how much honesty we really need to provide with the answer.
"Oh he looked really nice in his shirt and tie in front of the judge"
"the tatoo really is temporary, at least until i laser it off"

Anyway today, I got a proud Mummy moment, so go ahead, ask me how the boys are doing :)
As well as getting 100% attendance for the third quarter,
Curt won an award at his technical college for "most professional multimedia specialist"
In case you think that sounds like " most likely to paint there pinewood derby car in BYU colors" it's not a made up award. There were only 3 given to the entire class.
So congrats Curt.

Jordan also has received a prestigious award but I'll post that when I get pics.

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Marianne said...

Congrats Curt!! And way to go Mom, for hanging in there!! Such great kids.