Wednesday, April 15, 2009

9 loads...NINE.....

On a daily basis I hear a comment about the amount of laundry needing to be done. It may be to do with our large families or our excess of clothes. Of course we may have excess of clothes because we don't like doing the laundry :)So our options are:
a)get rid of excess clothing
b)get rid of excess family
c)get a handle on the laundry
Tempting as one of those is, c seems my best option
So I decided to share my best kept secret, I'm an organized laundry lover.
So welcome to my laundry room. Complete with laundry, clean and dirty, and the socks...there is a limit to my love.

It's pretty small, a measure error on my part with building. (My washer/dryer are so massive I couldn't shut the door so they stack)But I still have all the essential parts to make the process work.

First I sort into the blue buckets, Dark, Light Colored and the 3rd, for the mathematician goes into the washer.
then to the dryer. I love my LG TROMM. Less than an hour and the dryer takes the full load.

This is where the problem starts for most. Folding! putting away, kids pulling fresh folded clothes out of drawers in search of something still on the floor from yesterday...WHY?
I don't do it, fold I mean.
Everything out of the dryer goes straight to hangers, jeans, shirts the lot.
Only socks, underwear, pj's and shorts go in the buckets. voila!
No more clothes to fold on the couch, dining room table or anywhere else.

I have a couple of spare buckets for extra pillowcases and DI stuff

and of course a bucket for socks to pair up.
The final part to this fabulous format is, to put away. All you need is "KIDS COME GET YOU CLOTHES" and you hand them there group of hangers and a bucket. At a very young age they could get there hangers on a rail in there closet ( you may need to hang a lower pole from a chain for a little one) Even if they stuff all there bucket items in one drawer, it doesn't matter, you didn't take time to fold them , I surely hope you don't fold underwear!
So it doesn't look pretty, there are no dried flowers to look cute and gather dust or sayings of inspiration (I could come up with a few)but a tried and tested process that I've used for about 5 years now and it works!!
If anyone has figured out how to get dirty clothes from body to bucket next to body, let me know.


ClistyB said...

i still remember you giving me a personal tutorial...I need to get my act together, I am missing some key elements in the equation

The Blackham3 said...

Always a great lesson from my most organized friend. BTW...we fold our undies.Waste of time??? I would have to disagree! Thanks for the tips!

Tycksen Family said...

You are my HERO!! LaUnDrY is such a problem for me...I might enlist you to help me put up some shelves. Thanks for the post! Great ideas !!!

Jill said...

What a great idea!! I am going to try it THANKS!!!