Thursday, November 7, 2013

It starts young.

So this is no Shocker but I'm in need of loosing a few pounds or 20. I wish I could blame a knee injury for the gain but alas, it's pretty much nachos and macdonalds fries which  accompanied with a knee injury, add up to the peak of my weight gain /loss cycle. I joked with someone that I need to loose 20lb quickly so I can get on with gaining it again.

No joke, I have photos to prove that this has been my life for 10 plus years and I wonder when it will actually stick. Probably not as long as French fries are still legal.
Anyway the motivation for my latest effort is that I have no clothes that fit and everything I try on in my current size, which incidentally is not even into the plus size section, is just not cute or flattering.

This is my gripe. Regardless of size 2 or 20,  why do we need perfectly smooth skin under our pants in order for the bumps not to show through? Why must all shirts and blouses cling right on the soft part under our arms to create a fold? Why are jeans even made with enormous back pockets?I know someone created spanks just for this reason but it feels like you are suffocating in them.

The fact is, I'm pretty healthy and active and my bmi is in the healthy range but my 2 buckets full of clothes that don't fit tell me I need to get serious.

It's not just me. I took my little girl shopping for some colorful skinny jeans. She could not fit in a single pair in the girls department. We tried the boys and had to go to a size 18. Size freakin 18 year old boys!  They were a foot too long but fit in the waist.
Seriously friends, is this a good message to send this 12 year old girl? Does she look unhealthy to you? She is not, she is active and eats really well plus a normal amount of snacks or treats yet she is oversized for anything age appropriate. 

It's a sad fact. We are going to be unable to, easily find fun clothes that flatter us, unless we are prepared to make diet and exercise our priority or are a tiny size unhealthy. 
That is my rant. Now I will choke down my egg whites. 

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Marianne said...

Freaking YES. (Meaning I completely agree with you about your beautiful daughter!!)