Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I think the word "weenie" or "weener" is just wrong, I realize I have spelled them incorrectly, but I wanted to be sure they are pronounced as intended. I know I'm a little late on this post but I just wanted to share what our Halloween looked like.
Well after the parade full of boys dressed as girls, we got to enjoy the warmest Oct 31st in history and so we decided an evening spent on the front porch giving out treats was a must. It's not like you can do much, besides sit at the door opening it every 30 seconds for the next pillowcase holding child. We always like to be different in what we hand out. Something warm or something to balance out the sugar rush. This year was no exception. It was to be Hot dogs, or "weeners" fresh off the grill.
We thought it was pretty funny, a weener eating a weener. I just like saying weener now that I'm over it.
Ronan went out with his buddies trick or treating. Some people have a problem with this but these kids put quite an effort into their costumes so I say, give em a sweet.
and in case you think Ronan, didn't put an effort in, he doesn't usually look like this, I promise. Weener!!

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