Thursday, October 25, 2012

So Simple.

Halloween costumes stopped being fun for me after the third year in a row that everyone was a ninja. I thought having a little girl might revamp my excitement as the vision of dancing fairies and Cindy Loo Who's became a possibility but alas the only girlie picture I have is from a gift that I forced a photo of and then it was buried in the "dress ups" box for other girls to play in.
We quickly became an ALL Ninja crowd.
I must have been quite uninspired because I have very few halloween photos. Anyway, these days, Asha tells me all year what she's going to be for halloween, it changes every single time. I say, that's cool and then we wait until it's really close to commit and then it's done. This year, she is obsessed with the face covered hoodies so it was a no brainer to add legs and be a skeleton. So simple.
It glows in the dark. I used walmarts $4 sweatpants, the basis of many Halloween costumes because they are baggy enough you can layer clothes underneath just in case it snows LOL, plus cheap enough you can chuck them out or use them as Pj's. I freehand cut some bones from felt and hot glued it on.
Add a little glow in the dark paint and a pair of gloves.
Voila, 20 minute costume and very happy tick or treater.

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Marianne said...

I am SO impressed. What a great costume!!