Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Not just a Pin.

All this pinning has got me inspired. I have been having a crafty period. This happens from time to time, usually after seeing something at quilted bear for a ridiculous cost and thinking "I could make that" (you know you do it too!) well I actually do, so I thought I'd share a few things I've made this month. 15 of these ($29 each at QB, $5 to make)
70 of these. (All stamped)
Just one of these (saw on pinterest)
for this earlier creation that turned 11 today.( I got the cheaper, tom boy model;-)
Whom herself created this
Then I made each of these
(This was $40 quilted bear inspiration, made for $7)
(Pinterest copies)
a few of these (to go with my other 38 albums full)
and finally this (my favorite, made for $13 with half a roll of ribbon left over)
which no longer has a home, because we also did this
and I LOVE IT!!! So while others are sipping hot chocolate and watching junk TV, I am in my own happy place, getting high on a whole drawer full of different adhesive. Have you made anything based on a pin or craft show find?


Julie said...

Oh boy, I get the crafting bug myself some times, but your creations are much better. Fabulous job on everything!

Wendy said...

I love your front door Natalie! Orange is one of my favorite colors and I am all for making our brown neighborhood s little bit spicier. ;-) Great job!

Marianne said...

Wouldn't your wreath look good on that amazing door?? SO FALL!!

I love the beautiful crafts you make. I think I would love to make beautiful crafts like that, but it's just not in the cards right now. Maybe someday...

My craftiness has to be satisfied with sewing on scout patches and mending the holes in all of Wade's favorite BYU t-shirts!

I especially love the HAUNT. SO cute.