Monday, July 20, 2009

In search of snow.

No I'm not done with the summer sun yet but when it hits 100 degrees outside, it's fun to go in search of something rare. SNOW!!
We took the Snowbird tram, usually reserved for die hard, skilled and dumb ski/snow boarders. I only dropped off this mountain once before realizing I was none of the above. I think my descent was mostly butt to ice whilst praying but on this lovely occasion we went the civilized route. On foot :)

The Tram itself (or cable car to those who need translation) goes straight up the mountain. It's just over a mile and takes about 9 minutes to get to 11,000ft.

So these pictures are real not an airbrushed back drop and yes we did find real snow which is just as cold in July as it is in January.

We had dinner at a little Mexican Joint and yes I am wearing a hoodie, I mean 75 degrees is pretty chilli after you get used to HOT!!

Sometimes I feel a bit guilty sharing the pleasures of my life but today I just say, I have a guest room if you want to visit :)

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