Monday, June 22, 2009

What was your favorite part?

Since our big boys are off in the land of eternal moisture (no not Utah)England. We decided to take our littluns on a fun trip also. You sometimes get the bum deal when your the youngest because all activities as a group tend to lean towards the older, harder to please peeps. I mean picture how much fun a picnic at the park would be with say... a 17 year old. Actually, depending on the hour, anything could be considered rubbish by a teen whereas, putting lunch in a bag and eating it on the tramp could be quite a thrill for a 7 year old. Ya feel me ?
So when I asked each family member there favorite part of our trip, I got a different response but all had an awesome time.
Can I just say my whole family is blessed with the travel gene. Not a single complaint and we didn't even have a tv or game boys in the car. I suppose after flying to England, 6 measly hours is no biggie. Even with a dog on your lap.

So Asha's favorite was the Dragon ride at Legoland and swimming, (sometimes twice a day)

Ronan said, Lego land, getting soaked at seaworld and riding the NY NY in Vegas.

For Boyd it was R&R although he too enjoyed legoland, he's a big kid at heart but our Hotel was on a bay that just happened to have a great trail around it and tons of people doing outdoor workouts everyday so he made use of that.

Me, well I loved it all.
Staying at the Excalibur, The spa resort, The MGM Grand, no chores, great food, of course a trip to the Puma store, I loved Shamu but my most favourite part was a tour of the USS Midway, a retired aircraft carrier. They gave us headsets and everything had a number so you could listen to info on that item and hear even more if you wanted to. This of course made me want to watch Top Gun for more than just ripped guys playing volleyball now, but seriously I am in awe of anyone in the navy. Definitely a life I couldn't live.

So that was our trip, now the laundries done, the fridge is bare and my scale seems to have broke but it's back to reality for me.
I can't wait to go to Southern California again, definitely a playground worth picnicking at.


ClistyB said...

you stayed at Coronado Bay?

Natalie said...

no we just drove over the bridge and took the ferry. We stayed at Mission bay. I saw you had a child there, nice hook up :)

Tycksen Family said...

What a fun trip! SO glad you got to go!!! I'll have to check out LEGOLAND next time!! FUN TIMES!!!