Monday, June 8, 2009


I know I have the "clueless mum" act down, but I actually know that the word commencement means, the beginning, so why does it feel like so many things are ending.
Of course High school for Curt has ended. We are proud of him. It's a big deal to be up at 5 every day and get yourself off to class sun or snow. He only missed one day last year because his wisdom teeth were being removed, that's a big deal.

Yes they really do chuck there hats which was very exciting for me since I've only seen it on TV.(I know small things please small minds)
He also graduated from Jordan Technical Center and received an outstanding multi media award and graduated 4 years of seminary which is also impressive as there is no credit given for that at all.
Volleyball ended.

soccer ended.

School has ended for the other 3 kids also.

Jordan's ability to avoid the camera has not ended but rest assured he got his moments of glory also.
He received awards for most improved student and 3 quarters on the honor roll to go with his National honor society award.

Jordan has also been awarded a student government place in charge of publicity. He's excited to be involved in school activities.

I can't mention ends without recognizing the end of an Era in our family.
Boyd's Grandpa passed away in his 90's. He was a genius in engineering and has passed so many qualities on to Boyd, including his ability to solve problems, quietly and methodically. He has passed his snails pace on to Ronan and his love of all things motorised to Jordan. I will post sometime about Grandpa as he truly was a great man but for now, I just honor him with gratitude for all the love he has shown my husband, he didn't love freely so it was a big deal for Boyd. Till we meet again grandpa.

So here's to the end.
Now to the beginning, SUMMER!!! Here we come :)


The Blackham3 said...

What a great blog. Nat, you have such a great way with words. I am sorry to hear about Boyd's Grandpa. I know how close they were. You guys were so loving to him. He was lucky to have you and your sweet family. Thanks so much for coming Sat. It meant the world to have such a good friend there. One who knew me before Ashlyn. And still cares!

Marianne said...

Congratulations to Curt! He looks so good! You have a great family, Nat, and we're proud to call you friends.